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Accepting bribes is not guilty: Lawyer Li Changyong won the third acquittal in 2016

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

Brief description of the case:

In 2015, R and others were prosecuted by the People's Procuratorate of a certain district for allegedly “accepting bribes”. The facts of the case are clear and the evidence is sufficient. Lawyer Li Changyong defended R for a misdemeanor and considered that the case is suitable for the definition of “non-state staff accepting bribes” and fully demonstrates the plot with “self-sufficiency”. The above defense opinions were adopted by the people's court of a certain district.

Defence plan:

In this case, the People's Procuratorate of a certain district filed a protest, and the People's Procuratorate at a higher level supported the protest. During the trial of the second instance court, Li Changyong insisted that the case was properly characterized as “non-state staff accepting bribes” and was eventually adopted by the court of second instance. It coincides with the new judicial interpretation. Once it is characterized as “non-state staff accepting bribes”, the party R has not reached the statutory amount of crime and is therefore acquitted.

Referee results:

Recently, a middle-level people's court in Tianjin made a final judgment, proclaiming that R was suspected of “accepting bribes” and was not guilty. This is the third acquittal that Li Changyong obtained for the client this year.

Lawyer Comments:

During the first and second trials, the parties always maintain a high level of trust in Li Changyong and Li Qian. The presiding judge of a middle-level people's court in Tianjin can be judged according to law and impartial justice, and has won praises from the parties.

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