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After three years and six trials, the final sentence is not guilty, and the party is successfully washed!

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

Case description:

In 2014, the People's Court of K District of Inner Mongolia T City sentenced the party S to one year in prison for “intentional assault”. The party S refused to accept the judgment and filed an appeal, insisting that the victim was not harmed. The fracture of the victim's rib was not caused by himself. The case entered the second instance procedure.

Defence plan:

Lawyer Li Changyong was involved in the second instance. After an in-depth analysis of the evidence in the case, especially the judicial appraisal, the evidence of the conviction of the case was considered to be inaccurate and inadequate, and the party S was acquitted.

Referee results:

On May 2, 2017, the Inner Mongolia T-City Intermediate People's Court made a second-instance judgment, and found that the party S was suspected of “intentional assault” and the party S was successfully washed and regained innocence!

Lawyer Comments:

The case lasted for three years, after six trials (first trial - second trial - re-review - second trial - re-review - second trial), in the case of the first-instance court three times the party S was guilty, Li Changyong and co-counsel, family, Insist on the spirit of perseverance, and finally ushered in a valuable acquittal.

In the past three years, lawyers such as Li Changyong and other three lawyers have rushed to T City in Inner Mongolia for more than ten times. They have communicated with prosecutors and judges nearly ten times, nearly ten times in court, written and submitted dozens of written legal opinions, and the second instance of "defense words." With more than 10,000 words, the second-instance court debated the unilateral statement for more than 30 minutes, and sorted out all the evidence in the case, making an irreplaceable effort for the correct hearing of the case.

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