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Rape is not guilty: Lawyer Li Changyong hosted a rape case in a certain district of Tianjin, and was acquitted in the first instance.

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

Brief description of the case:

On a certain day of the month of 2014, D was invited by his friend to attend the party. That night, I had a sexual relationship with a woman. Later, a woman called the police and said she was raped. After the criminal case was filed, Li Changyong was involved in the case.

Defence plan:

The court heard the case for a whole day. Mr. Li Changyong closely follows the core issue of “whether the sexual act violates the will of the woman” and develops questions and cross-examines. In the court debate stage, Li Changyong made a precise comparison and analysis of the evidence system in the case, and made a contradiction between the victim's statement of his own contradictions and the evidence in the case (especially the objective evidence such as surveillance video and call records). A detailed summary summarizes the conclusion that “although the evidence can confirm the sexual behavior of the two people, but whether it violates the will of the woman”, according to the criminal rule of “the suspected interests are attributed to the defendant”, the accusation of “rape” should be determined. invalid.

Referee results:

On the morning of December 16, 2015, the team led by Mr. Li Changyong, a rape case in a district of Tianjin, the court of first instance adopted the defense opinion, and sentenced the “indictment” to the crime of “rape”. The defendant D was not guilty. . After being detained for more than a year, D was regained his freedom.

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