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Tianjin Lawyer

Author :   Time :2020-03-20

Tianjin is one of the four municipal cities that have a provincial level in China. It is conventionally known as Tientsin, adjacent to Beijing (Peking). Tianjin lawyer is increasingly playing a greater role in international legal service.
 Cut off by March 20th, 2020, the quantity of Tianjin lawyers has reached more than five thousnad. The legal practice of Tianjin Lawyer incudes:

  • International business cooperation

  • international trade

  • international finance and capital market

  • across-border crime

  • international Investment

  • foreign related martitime cases

  • foreign related civil and commercial lawsuit and arbitration

  • foreign related infrastructure and energy

  • foreign related intellectual property and information security

  • represent in WTO appellate body

  • anti dumpling, countervailing, safeguard measures and special safegurad measures

A few of Tianjin lawyer could serve for International clients, e.g. Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm is one of them

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