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Tianjin Law Court put out the key task in foreign-related cases of Maritime Trials and Execution

Author :   Time :2020-03-18

To further enhance the level of Tianjin's open economy and internationalization of the city, the Tianjin High People's Court formulated the main points for the maritime trials of foreign-related business affairs in 2019, and actively responded to the new situation and new problems in the new pattern of opening to the outside world from 17 aspects in five aspects, and brought into full play Function of maritime adjudication in foreign affairs.

       First, adhere to the primacy of political construction and ensure that we proceed in the right direction. Resolutely maintain the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping, resolutely maintain the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", fully understand the political sensitivity of foreign-related commercial and maritime trials, and properly handle issues affecting social stability, major public opinion risks, and domestic and international Influential cases realize the organic unification of political, legal and social effects. The second is to do a good job of law enforcement, and comprehensively deepen the strategy of high-quality trials. Hearing foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan commercial cases and open economy related cases in accordance with the law, improve the trial level, and build a legalized and international business environment; properly handle cases such as disputes over pollution of the marine environment, disputes over compensation for damage to marine natural resources and the ecological environment, etc. Promote effective governance of various marine pollution activities along the Bohai Rim coast; accurately understand and apply the provisions of the New York Convention, handle the recognition and enforcement of extraterritorial arbitral awards, and strictly apply the principle of negation of public order. The third is to establish a sense of serving the overall situation and promote higher levels of opening up. Further implement the requirements of the "Implementation Opinions of Tianjin Courts on Providing Judicial Services and Guarantees for the" Belt and Road "Construction", accurately grasp the general principles of services and guaranteeing the "Belt and Road" construction, and adhere to demand-oriented, equal protection, accurate services, case judgments and services The unity of guarantees; the service guarantee involves the construction of a free trade pilot zone, and explores effective ways to further optimize the business environment; does a good job of dealing with Taiwan and overseas Chinese, and serves to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises and overseas Chinese. The fourth is to strengthen trial guidance, research and theoretical research, and comprehensively improve the trial level of foreign-related commercial and maritime cases. Strengthen the business guidance of the city's foreign-related commercial and maritime maritime trial departments, continue to track the implementation of regulatory documents for trial business, and support foreign-related maritime police officers to participate in national court academic seminars and national maritime trial seminars. The fifth is to implement the cooperation mechanism, strengthen business training, and build a high-quality foreign-related business maritime trial team. Further implement the requirements of the "Framework Agreement between the Tianjin High People's Court and the Tianjin Arbitration Commission on Establishing a Judicial and Arbitration Cooperation Mechanism", and establish an effective liaison system to ensure smooth information flow between arbitration and justice. We will increase training on foreign-related commercial and maritime trials and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of foreign-related commercial and maritime trial teams.

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