Lawyer’s Profile ( Mr.Wang Jingzhan)


Mr. Wang is a lawyer focused on international practice and one of the founders of the law firm.

He graduated with the master’s degree of laws from Tianjin University of Commerce. Admitted to the Bar on 2007, he has more than 10 years’ legal experience, especially in the field of contract and corporate affairs. To have a deep understanding of the international business, he attended to the world-known Franklin Institution to have training courses in 2014.

Cell Number:  (+86) 13920701735


Address:  Room 205, Style Mansion, Huanghe Road, Nankai District, Tianjin City of China.


Areas of Primary Practice:

Mainly dedicated to the international trade disputes, international construction project, international corporate affairs, FDI, M&A, Marine disputes, transnational financing, international intellectual property, including trademarks, copyright, conceptions and so on.


Experiences and typical achievement:

Mr. Wang graduated from school of laws on 2005 and meanwhile, he started his legal careers as a Judge Assistant in a law court in west of China. Two years later, he leaved with the silver prize given by China Youth League. Then, he entered into one of the top law firm located in Tianjin City of China in the first quarter of 2008. He practiced law with diverse areas, he had successfully represent his clients not only in case of commercial contract disputes, construction project, real-estate, insurance, but also in cases involving securities, documentary credit, finance, international transport, and intellectual property right. He also worked as a legal advisor and participated in several international project, acting behalf of one of the subsidiary company of CNPC. In June of 2017, as one of the initial partners, together with two other famous lawyers (Mr. Song, a first-tier civil lawyer, and Mr. Li, a well-known criminal defense lawyer), he brought Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm into practice. In addition, Mr. Wang has kept a close touch with international law firms and arbitrary establishment from UK, Germany, Hongkong, and Singapore.

Here shows some of the cases and projects in which Mr. Wang has got outstanding achievement:

1, Act for and on behalf of an agricultural tech company against a Canadian Company in an international contract disputes, averting loss of more than thirty million RMB

2, Act as a legal counsel with diverse companies including but not limited to Tianjin XX Cables Company, Tianjin XX Construction Company, Tianjin XX Agriculture and Technology Company.

3, Participate in and provide legal service for various project, typically as below:

l  Provide legal service and responsible for the incorporation of a subsidiary limited company of Tianjin XX Agriculture and Technology Company.

l  Review and check the legal compliance for a technological company to be registered in the Tianjin Equity Exchange.

l  Responsible for the Contract engineering and legal compliance for a crude oil pipeline project located in Iraq. In this project, the Company is a consortium of CNPC, MOC and SOC, and the consultant management party is ENPPI, a famous consultant company across Egypt and African. The whole project was pricing for more than four hundred millions US Dollars.

l  Participate in a crude oil depot project and provide legal service to ensure risk-reducing and settle disputes arising thereof. In this project, the famous Canadian engineering company –SNC Lavalin as the front-end engineering designer, and all the permanent materials and equipment were procured from West Europe, USA, Korea, and Japan.