Welcome to Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm.

Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm was approved by the China Judicial and Tianjin Judicial Bureau in 2017. Mr. Song Lihua is the director and one of the founders of the law firm, together with partners Mr. Lichang Yong, Mr. Wang Ronggui and Mr.Wang Jingzhan. All of the lawyers have deep understanding of the law theory and practice, experienced in dealing with the cases they are expert in. 

 Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm is dedicated to interantional practice ever since its establishment, even though it does provide full services covering various legal issues. 

Our law firm has the most talent lawyers in Tianjin,China. Over the last decade, our lawyer has served for thousands of clients, ranging from mutinational coporations, gas and oil projects, and foreign investment to non-profit organizaitons, government and individul affairs.  

Having been trusted by coporations and indviduals from all works of life, we are commited to continue to provide excellent legal service for our clients

Having representing our clients in an outstanding professional way, our law firm not only satisfies our clients, but also  gets appraisal by Judiciray Authority, Arbitration Center, Government and the peers.

As international lawyers, we are experts in international transations and we have dealt numerous interantional disputes,   helping our clients revert thundreds of millions dollors. To approach our law firm, you'll be a step forward to success in the edge of entrepreneurial risk avoidance.

About Our Law Firm

Providing full services for internaional coporations and individuals: 

1. International affairs: international trade, international project, trans-regional finances, foreign investment, M&A, Marine disputes, trademark, copyright, trans-naitional crime, and etc.

2. Domestic Affair: Real Estate, Finance and Insurance,  Criminal Defense, Administrative lawsuits, Labor disputes, Tort, and etc.

3. External legal consultant for companies.

Our lawyers can speak both English and Chinese. We provide particular solutions for the risk that you concern. Any questions ,please do not hesitate to reach us at:

Address: Room 205, Gediao Building, Huanghe Road, Naikai District, Tianjin City, China.


Cellphone: (+86) 13920701735

Landline: (+86) 022-59189901-8009