Lawyer’s Profile (Mr.Wang Ronggui)

Mr.Wang Ronggui , with the degree of bachelor of law from Hebei University, is a vice director and one of the partners of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm

Area of Practice: Contract, Intellectual Property, Corporate affairs, Tort, Labor Disputes, Real Estate and Construction, Administrative Lawsuits, Criminal Defense and etc.

Practice Belief: Act as a human first, Take business seriously. He is dedicated to help clients realize the promise of law to citizens, with full endeavor even though there is only a slight hope left.


Mr.Wang Ronggui has a deep understanding of the law theory, good at practicing the rules, skilled at civil and commercial law, specialized in criminal law and administrative law, with a particular way of lawful thinking, and expert in finding the key point among the complex legal nexus.

Mr. Wang Ronggui has dealt with hundreds of cases whether of lawsuits or non-lawsuits, among which multiple cases had been reported by Tianjin Daily, News Daily, City News, Today Evening, and Tianjin Workers. Mr.Wang Ronggui, with good experience of dealing with cases, capable of providing multiple solutions for his clients as per the specific circumstances, get the appraisals by his clients.

List of reference:

1. In a immigration service contract disputes, he acted on behalf of the plaintiff. There is no provisions regarding the contract purpose, but he secured the proof regarding contract purpose through Notarization. Finally the contract was cancelled and the court fees were refunded, whereby all the complaints were supported by the court.

2. The plaintiff – a financial leasing company- and the defendant had a dispute over financial leasing matters. The lawyer Wang forced the plaintiff to propose reconciliation and revoked the complaint, through raising the jurisdictional discrepancy and questioning on property security.

3. The plaintiff – a Shanghai company-and the defendant-a Tianjin chemical company had a contract disputes, the lawyer represented the defendant and forced the plaintiff to revoke and gave up the complaint, by raising the jurisdictional discrepancy. 

4. The plaintiff –a metal production company and the defendant- a bicycle parts company-have a contract disputes over customization

5. The plaintiff Liu and the defendant –a technology exploration company has a confirmation disputes over shareholder qualification. The lawyer, representing the plaintiff, finally confirmed the plaintiff’s qualification.