Lawyer’s Profile ( Wang Jia )

Lawyer’s Profile ( Wang Jia ) 


Mr.Wang is a lawyer focused on construction and real estate business.He graduated from Hebei University with a bachelor's degree in law.At present, he is the minister of construction and real estate cases in Tianjin Bo Zhuan Law Firm.He began working as a lawyer in 2013 and has accumulated rich experience so far.

Area of expertise:

Construction and real estate legal affairs, trademark legal affairs, company legal affairs, labor legal affairs, financial legal affairs, marriage family affairs legal affairs and other fields.

Practice experience:

In 2013, he entered the profession of lawyer and practiced in a national excellent law firm in Tianjin, and after that he worked for a law firm group in Tianjin.In 2017, he joined the Tianjin Bo Zhuan Law Firm。

Career goals:

With all the wisdom of the law to solve life's troubles.

Cell Number:  (+86) 15022627675


Address: Room 205, Gediao Building, Huanghe Road, Nankai District, Tianjin City of China.