Lawyer’s Profile ( Ms. Song Lihua)

The lawyer, Ms.Song Lihua, is acting as the director of the law firm. She is one of the founders of the law firm, a communist member, a member of China Law Society and a member of Civil Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society. She participated in “the advanced training for Judge’s adjudicative philosophy and Lawyers’ strategy of lawsuits”, which was held by lawyers’ college of Renmin University of China in 2016.

She is expert in the areas such as: construction project contract, real estate legal affairs, external legal consultant, finance and property rights.

Song Lihua set out to practice law in the year of 2007, and has accumulated more than ten year’s experience. She had ever been supervisor of the insurance contract department, labor contract department, and the deputy director of Tianjin Jishui Law Firm. In the year of 2017, she established “Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm” as the core partner.


She has been engaged or consulted for thousands of civil and commercial cases, greatly experienced in dealing with various cases. Averting huge loss for its clients, she gets appraisals by people who have been benefited from her. The cases she dealt with were reported by newspapers such as“Tianjin Urban Report”, “Tianjin Daily”, “ News Daily” “Tonight news” “ Tianjin Workers” and “Tianjin News of Politics and Laws”.

In the non-lawsuit field, she is capable of proposing innovational solutions and giving support on legal risk management for companies. She has been entrusted by many governmental departments, state-owned companies, and Private Corporation, some of which is listed as the following:

1.       She was retained as a legal consultant by Hebei legal implementation bureau of Tianjin City.

2.       She acted as an external legal consultant for Sub-district government of Hongshun Li of Hebei District, Tianjin.

3.       She is acting as a legal consultant for a state-owned company, named Tianjia Municipal Road Administration

4.       She is acting as a legal consultant for Xinyong Qiang Concrete company.

5.       She is acting as a legal consultant for Shunyuan Environmental Protection Construction Material Company

6.       She is acting as Meihua Construction Project Company.

7.       She is acting as a legal consultant for Tianjin Yuxing Project Company

She has ever been invited to Tianjin Radio Station, Binhai Radio Station, Communication Radio Station and etc. to promote legal consciousness. Also, she was invited to participate in the activities of public legal promotion.