help a client revert losses of nearly400,000RMB
Column:Our News Time:2018-05-08
successfully dealt with an employment dispute, and help our client get nearly 400,000RMB of compensation.

A few days ago, an employment arbitration was released and my client, an IT supervisor got a nearly four hundred thousand award on compensation.

My client is a IT supervisor working for a US consulting company based on Beijing. Meanwhile he is assigned to Tianjin District and working is the US company's client, a Tianjin Real estate development company. He signed one employment contract with the US consulting company, in which the US company agreed him to establish a double employment relationship.

He was in the tinajin company office, while he is charging of the network maintenance of the US company, because the US company's computer server is put in the Tianjin company. The employment contract expressly provided the salaries and other compensation package.

Unfortunately, the US company's project operating in Tianjin has become more and more hard to sustain the Tianjin urban planning since 2015. And the US company has to stop the operation at the late of 2016. Our client's salaries was deducted and the US company didn't want to pay any more in an excuse that the company had been acquired by another company.

In October,2017, my client trusted me to act on behalf of him and represent him to deal with the employment disputes.I, as the trusted attorney, make an claim against the US company in the Beijing Chaoyang emloyment arbitration commission. Through presenting the proof and justified our rights in the hearing, finally we got an award of nearly 400,000 RMB for compensation.