Our law firm successfully dealt with a lawsuit case regarding trademark and unfair competition
Column:Our News Time:2018-04-10

Recently, a judgement, regarding trademark infringement and unfair competition,  was realised, in which three lawyers of our law firm had successfully reverted big losses for a electrical factory in Zhejiang Province and a sales agency in Tianjin.

A Shanghai lighting company filed a lawsuit against the electrical company in Zhejiang and a sales company in Tianjin, claiming that the trademarks and packaging appearance of the defendents'goods infringed the plaintiff's trademark rights and selling the goods was unfair cometition  .Three lawyers in our Law Firm were trusted by the defendents to provide legal service. The lawyers successfully pointed out that the trademark infringement can't be established and forced the pliantiff to revoke their claiming for trademark infringement. Finally, the case was reconciled by the court and ended in that the defendent agreed to compensate  20% of the claimed loss.