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Lawyer Wang Jia

He graduated from Hebei University with a major in law. He passed the national judicial examination with excellent results. He has solid legal theory knowledge, comprehensive legal comprehensive application ability, good written and verbal communication skills, and rich practical experience. Grasp the core of the case and the entry point to provide customers with the best solution to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Since entering the lawyer industry in 2013, Mr. Wang has been committed to corporate legal affairs, economic contract legal affairs, labor and personnel legal affairs, intellectual property legal affairs, and has a good track record.

In the field of non-litigation, it provides high-quality legal services for real estate development enterprises, banking financial institutions, government agencies, institutions, industrial production enterprises, international trading companies and other types of units. The scope of services covers legal affairs of government agencies and real estate development and construction. , financial institution risk control, large-scale living supermarket management, company labor and personnel disputes, etc., have extensive experience in the daily legal counsel work of enterprises. Such as: Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee and its affiliated bureaus; Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Binhai Branch; National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.; China Railway Real Estate Group (Tianjin) Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Library; Tianjin E-mart Supermarket Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Laiya Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiwan-funded enterprise); Tianjin Cotton Trading Market Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Yinzhou Junda Textile Co., Ltd., etc.

In the field of litigation, he successfully represented a number of cases such as real estate, construction projects, economic contracts, personal injury compensation, trademark and copyright disputes, criminal offences, etc., such as: contracting a construction contract dispute for a garden company (state-owned enterprise) in Tianjin. In the case that the first instance has been lost, the second instance of the agent has returned to the trial, winning the case, forcing the other party to reconcile with the client; and representing the dispute over the house sale contract of a bureau (government agency) in Dongli District, Tianjin, the court supported all the claims of the bureau and Refused the other party’s counterclaim request and won the case; represented a Tianjin commercial bank’s airport branch (bank financial institution) to guarantee the contract dispute case. After the lawyer’s efforts, the court supported all the bank’s claims and won the case; and represented an international trading company in the sales contract dispute. After the efforts of the attorneys, the company successfully seized the property of the other party, so that the other party was forced to mediate with us due to the pressure of seizure. Finally, the case was settled and the client successfully settled the payment. The client’s rights and interests were upheld and won the case; the agent was authorized to serve in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. Center In the case of housing rental disputes, after the lawyer’s efforts, the court supported the rent that had exceeded the period of limitation of the lawsuit and won the case; the case of Wang’s infringement of copyright disputes involved two works of art, and the evidence of the client was very unfavorable. The lawyer tried to judge the other party to stop the infringement and compensate for the loss, and won the case; the agent Bai Yimou infringed the trademark dispute case, after the lawyer's efforts, the court ruled that the other party stopped using the trademark of Bai Moumou, and compensated for the loss and won the case. Acting for a vehicle dispute manufacturing dispute (a Sino-Japanese joint venture production enterprise) labor dispute, after the lawyer's efforts, the court's claim for more than 500,000 yuan of the law only supported 0.4 million yuan in accordance with the law, the agent case won the case; the agent Huang made In the case of private lending disputes, lenders are typical lump sum loans. Through the lawyers’ active efforts, the court confirmed that Hwang had repaid the principal and interest of the full loan, and sentenced the other party to return the interest paid more than 50,000 yuan. The case was successful; Zhou Moumou, Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd. as the executor The execution case, after the lawyer's efforts, reached an implementation settlement with the application executor, only need to pay the principal of the judgment, and exempted the court from fines of more than 200,000 yuan for the executed person, and achieved good execution results; The defender successfully reduced the amount of fraud and mitigated criminal penalties; served as a defender of Li Moumou (minor) intentional injury and theft, successfully succeeded in the execution of the intentional injury case during the period of the insured Li Moumou to fight for probation; served as Shen Moumou to defraud the loan case The defender successfully went through the bail pending trial in the absence of a bank loan.

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