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Lawyer Jingzhan-Wang

Lawyer's Profile -Jingzhan Wang

Primary area of legal practice:

  • Contract Disputes of Sales and Purchase. Lawsuits arising from international trade terms such as FOB, CIF, DDP and etc,; Litigation arising from Bill of Lading and delivery; disputes arising demurrage; Laws of Transportation; Arbitration or lawsuits arising from payment or quality issues/

  • construction contracts and claims. Claim and counter claim arising from schedule changes and/or engineering variation, Prolongation of project due to Force Majeure.

  • Maritime law. Vessel charter disputes, freight disputes, ship collisio, injuries and damage, especially in the legal authority of Tianjin maritime law court 

  • equity transactions. Share Transfer, Lawyer service of Merger and Acquisitions

  • Lawyer service during tendering, biding and negotiation of contract

  • foreign-related intellectual property litigation and non-litigation business.

  • international fraud. Criminal proceedings arising from fraud, scam, and deception.

  • significant civil and commercial cases relating to China

Lawyer's Biography        
TitleNameAcamedic degreePosition
Attorney-at-lawJingzhan WangMaster of LawsDeputy Director of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm

Lawyer Jingzhan Wang's Experiences:

Month YearPractising law withDescription
2005.7-2007.7A Grass-Root Law Court
2018.3-2019.9Tianjin Yifa Law Firm
2009.9-2017.5Tianjin Blessing Law Firm2013.8-2017.5 Participated in a petroleum and gas project for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
2017.8-Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm2017.4-207.8 working with BGP Marine, CNPC
The Lawyer Jingzhan-Wang's Past Performance(including but not limited to):
  1. Standing Legal Counsel of XX New Energy (Tianjin)

  2. External Legal Cousel. Provided external legal advisory services for Bodi Agricultural Science Group of Tianjin, Tianjin Jinshan Cable Company, Wanxin Street Office of Hedong District of Tianjin, and Meihua Construction Company of Tianjin; currently focusing on transnational civil and commercial disputes, Foreign-related litigation and non-litigation legal affairs of China.

  3. The Projects that Lawyer Jingzhan Wang participatied:

    • Provided full legal services for the establishment of Tianjin XX Agricultural Company Anhui Subsidiary Company;

    • Provided compliance audit for Fujian XX Technology Co., Ltd. on the equity transaction at Tianjin Equity Exchange;

    • Carrying out the work on laws and contact throughout the Halfaya crude oil export pipeline (Iraq), with a contract value of approximately USD 400 million;

    • Working on laws and contract for the Nassiria oil storage project (Iraq) with a contractual value of nearly 700 million US dollars;

    • Participate in the registration of companies of XX Exploration Company in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.

  4. Lawsuit cases that Tianjin Lawyer Jingzhan Wang has ever represented

    Civil and Commercial Cases                

    Litigation of Construction Disputes:

    • Tianjin Yibang Decoration Engineering VS. Shandong Zhongyuancai Information Consulting, which is trialed at Jinnan Court of Shandong Province, China.

    • Jiangxi Meihua Construction Company Tianjin Branch VS. Tianjin Tairong Housing Company, which is trialed at the tribunnal of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, China

    Litigation of Real-estate sales contract:

    • Mr.Guo vs. Tianjin Xinyi Real-estate Exploration which is Trialed at the court of Hebei District of Tianjin,China

    Litigation of Unjust Enrichment: Mr.Zhang VS. Beijing Xinbaoli Transporation, which is trialed at Tongzhou Court of Beijing,China

    Administrative Disputes:                

    Mr.Wu VS. Ninghe Goverment of Tianjin, which is trailed at Tianjin Third Intermediate Court

    Criminal Cases:                

    • A Sri-Lanka girl was charged of theft, Trialed at the Court of Heping District of Tianjin.

    • A Nigeria man was prosecuted of drug dealer, Trialed at the Court of Heping District of Tianjin.

Contact number:
Address: Room 205, Gediao Building, Huanghe Road, Nankai District, Tianjin,nearby (Guangkaisimalu Subway Station Exit B or C), Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm.        


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