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Lawyer Zhu He

Lawyer Zhu He: Bachelor of Law, Binhai College, Nankai University, full-time lawyer of Tianjin Bo Law Firm.

Contact number: 13652070587


Address: Room 205, Gedian Building, Huanghe Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, and Guangkai Sima Road (Guangzhou Sima Road Subway Station B, C), Tianjin Bo Law Firm.

Areas of expertise: traffic accident infringement disputes, insurance contract disputes.

Practice experience: Zhu He has received systematic legal professional education, solid theoretical foundation of law, and excellent comprehensive quality. He has rich practical experience in motor vehicle traffic accident cases and property insurance contract cases, and his handling cases are consistent with the parties. Praise.

Successful performance (including but not limited to):

1. Cui Mou, Zeng Mou, etc. and Jia Mo and other motor vehicle traffic accident liability dispute cases;

2. Li Mou and Wei Mou, Sun Mou, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou City Center Branch Company Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Liability Dispute Case;

3. The dispute between China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou Central Branch and Li’s property insurance contract;

4. Case of medical dispute between Zhao and Tianjin Haihe Hospital.

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