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Congratulations to Mr. Wang Ronggui for receiving a banner, and welcome Yu Qian to join the blog!

Author :   Time :2018-12-08

       In December 2017, Lawyer Wang Ronggui, the deputy director of our firm, was awarded a banner, and he wrote a letter “Defending Justice, Solving the Worries for the People”, thank you!

       Lawyer Wang Ronggui has extensive experience in the field of labor disputes. In 2017, Mr. Wang accepted the entrustment to handle the case of work injury claims. Mr. Wang has won the maximum compensation for the client and has already been put in place.

       In December 2017, Yu Qian joined Tianjin Bo Law Firm as the Minister of Marriage and Family Affairs. Yu Qian graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce and obtained a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in civil and commercial law. He is a member of the Chinese Communist Party. He has a profound knowledge of lawyers' legal theory and has rich practical experience in the fields of marriage and family affairs, motor vehicle traffic accident disputes, contract disputes, and labor disputes. With the joining of Yu Qian, the strength of the Boss Institute will continue to be enhanced. Yu Qian lawyer Tel: 13312092216!

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