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After the construction project won the bid, the "repentance" will be used to reduce the loss of the client.

Author :   Time :2018-12-07

Case playback

A company is a local state-owned enterprise in Handan City, Hebei Province. It responded to a military bidding document and bid for the overall construction of a hospital ward building, and paid a bid deposit of 3 million yuan. The project successfully won the bid and received a notice of winning the bid and a notice of payment of the performance bond. Because the bidder did not read the bidding documents in detail, A's own reasons caused the contract to be signed and fulfilled.

In order to reduce losses, A special entrusted our lawyers Song Lihua and Wang Ronggui to sue a military hospital for a refund of the bid bond.

Case result

After accepting the entrustment, the client was instructed to collect the evidence and successfully file the case. Because the case has a great influence on the local area, the vice president of the court of the respondent has personally tried the case. After careful court exchange of evidence and fierce court debates, the court of first instance ruled that the defendant returned the principal’s bid deposit of more than 1.7 million yuan and interest during the corresponding period. The defendant refused to accept the appeal, and the court of second instance dismissed the appeal and upheld the original judgment. The money has been executed.

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