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The opening of our US dollar account and the preparation of an agreement for Australian customers have achieved good results!

Author :   Time :2018-12-07

The patent agreement (all in English) handled by our lawyer Wang Jingzhan for the Australian client was basically completed and obtained the approval of the parties.

Dragonfly Retail of Victoria, Australia plans to purchase a batch of equipment such as ultrasonic treadmills from a medical device company in Shenzhen, China ("Shenzhen Company") for sale on In January 2018, lawyer Wang Jingzhan of Tianjin Bo Law Firm was entrusted by the Australian Dragonfly Retail Company to provide legal services in the process of drafting, communicating, negotiating and negotiating patent agreements. Mr. Wang Jingzhan and the Shenzhen company and the Australian company confirmed the type, quantity and duration of the patent, and verified it with the patent agency, in the regionality of the patent, the duration of the patent, the international priority of the patent, and the possible patent disputes. The other aspects have been carefully and comprehensively prepared. Recently, the patent agreement has been signed by the patent owner China Shenzhen. Australian customers are satisfied with the work of Tianjin Bo Law Firm.

Recently, the US dollar account of Bo Law Firm was officially opened.

Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm is a foreign-related legal affairs, financial and securities affairs, with engineering construction and criminal defense as the fist, covering corporate legal counsel, real estate disputes, intellectual property disputes, administrative litigation, marriage and family, personal infringement, etc. a comprehensive law firm.

With the growing legal business of foreign affairs, the opening of foreign currency accounts has become a proper meaning. The legal services we currently provide have been covered in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Pakistan, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Singapore and other countries or regions. Recently, our US dollar account was officially opened at the Bank of China Tianjin Peace Branch. The opening of the US dollar account can facilitate the domestic and foreign customers to pay lawyers' service fees directly in US dollars. Prior to this, our English website has also been fully launched (English website: Tianjin Bo Law Firm is committed to international legal affairs, providing legal support for China's economic ties with major countries in the world, and contributing to China's growing demand for foreign-related legal services.

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