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"Little Swallow" Zhao Wei was punished by the Securities and Futures Commission, investors must not miss the opportunity to defend their rights

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

Xiangyuan (Wanjia) Culture (600576) has received the CSRC Administrative Punishment Decision at 2018.4.17. According to the relevant provisions of the Supreme People's Court on the Judicial Interpretation of the Civil Compensation Case for the False Statement of Securities, investors are advised to pay attention to it. Be prepared, never go through the statute of limitations.

According to Article 5 of the Supreme People's Court's Judicial Interpretation of the Trial of Civil Compensation Cases for False Statements in Securities, the statute of limitations for such cases is issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission or its dispatched agency to make a decision on the punishment of the false statement. day. Xiangyuan Culture received a formal administrative penalty decision at 2018.4.17, so the statute of limitations began to be calculated.

According to the provisions of Article 188 of the General Principles of Civil Law, the statute of limitations is three years. Therefore, the statute of limitations for Xiangyuan Culture (600576) is 2018.4.17 to 2021.4.16.

In this regard, investors are reminded to pay attention to the timely preparation of materials for claims, so as not to be eligible for loss of claims after the statute of limitations. Specific materials include:

1. Xiangyuan Cultural Fund Statement (including fund account and credit account) stamped by the Securities Business Department, the time is 2017.1.12 to present;

2. A copy of the ID card and the notarized documents of the original ID card and the photocopy issued by the notary office;

3. The securities company's sales department issues a certificate containing the name, ID number, securities account number, and fund account number, which is used to prove the consistency of the transaction record with you.


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Case situation

1.2017.2.28, Wanjia Culture announced that the company received the "Notice of Investigation" from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Because the company was suspected of violating securities laws and regulations, according to the relevant provisions of the Securities Law, the CSRC decided to investigate the case and file an investigation. The matter touched on the illegal distribution of fraudulent issuance or major information disclosure as stipulated in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules.

2.2017.11.9, Xiangyuan Culture announced that the company received the “Notice of Administrative Punishment and Market Ban” from Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Commission, Zhejiang Xiangyuan Culture Co., Ltd., Tibet Longwei Culture Media Co., Ltd., Kong Deyong, Huang Youlong, Zhao Wei Zhao Zheng was suspected of information disclosure violations of laws and regulations, and the CSRC intends to impose administrative penalties and market bans on it.

3.2018.4.17, Xiangyuan Culture announced that it received the “Administrative Punishment Decision” from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the CSRC made warnings, fines and market bans on Wanjia Culture, Longwei Media, Kong Deyong, Huang Youlong, Zhao Wei and Zhao Zheng. The penalty decision is made.

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