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Brief Introduction of Tianjin Bo Law Firm's Financial Insurance Business

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

The financial and insurance business is one of the advantageous businesses of Tianjin Bo Law Firm. It has a construction and real estate case department. It consists of a number of lawsuits and non-litigation lawyers who have long handled financial insurance business and outstanding performance. The main person in charge of the business unit.

The services provided by Bobo in this field mainly include (not limited to the following services):

Litigation, arbitration legal services:

Life insurance contract dispute; accident insurance contract dispute; health insurance contract dispute; reinsurance contract dispute;


Financial lease contract disputes; property insurance contract disputes; property damage insurance contract disputes; liability insurance contract disputes;


Credit insurance contract dispute; guarantee insurance contract dispute; insurer subrogation dispute; personal insurance contract dispute;


Financial loan contract disputes; securities rights confirmation disputes; securities transaction contract disputes; financial derivative trading disputes;


Trust disputes; financial distressed debt transfer contract disputes; financial bad debts recovery disputes; financial entrusted financial contract disputes;


Insurance broker contract disputes; insurance agency contract disputes; import and export credit insurance contract disputes; insurance fee disputes; securities disputes.


Non-litigation legal services:

Due diligence of key financial customers; creditor recourse of financial institutions and disposal of non-performing assets; insurance company claims, recovery;


Governance and compliance operations of financial institutions such as banking institutions, securities companies, insurance companies, trust institutions, and financial leasing companies;


Perennial legal counsel for financial institutions; compliance audit of daily business; development, review and revision of daily business texts; negotiation of major projects.

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