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Brief Introduction of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm's Litigation Business

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

The company's business is one of the advantageous business areas of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm. We have established a company business department, which consists of a number of long-term lawsuits and outstanding litigation and non-litigation lawyers. 

The services provided by our lawyers in this field mainly include (not limited to the following services):

Corporate litigation, commercial arbitration legal services:

Corporate merger disputes, company capital increase disputes, company dissolution disputes, application for company liquidation,


Shareholders' capital disputes, company division disputes, company resolution disputes, company establishment disputes,


Liquidation liability dispute, shareholder's right to know disputes, shareholder damage to corporate creditors' interests and disputes,


Listed company acquisition disputes and other related company-related disputes, damage to shareholders' interests and disputes,


Equity transfer disputes, company capital reduction disputes, damage to company interest liability disputes, company related party damage liability disputes,


Company license return disputes, new capital subscription disputes, shareholder register records disputes, requests for company share purchase disputes,


Sponsor liability disputes, company surplus distribution disputes, requests to change company registration disputes, and proxy shareholder qualification confirmation disputes.


Company non-litigation legal services:

Transfer of corporate equity; participation in business negotiations; asset and debt restructuring; tax arrangements and design;


Design and improve the corporate governance structure of the company; draft, review, and modify various types of contracts in the company's operations;


Providing legal services for the company's shareholding structure, corporate governance structure, share option system design, and share transfer purchases;


Enterprise grouping and the transformation of the group's internal property rights structure and the design of the management structure; debts and debts cleanup and recovery;


Legal affairs of state-owned enterprises; legal counseling for small and micro enterprises; feasibility analysis of joint ventures and cooperative operations;


Provide legal planning for company merger, division, restructuring, asset transfer, joint venture, cooperation, and bankruptcy and liquidation of the company;


The establishment, change, cancellation of the limited liability company and the company limited by shares and the establishment of the company's shareholding system;


Perennial legal counsel; family business governance; corporate property rights definition and property rights transactions; transfer of enterprise property rights, auctions, and sales.

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