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How to appoint a lawyer to file or participate a lawsuit in China

Author :   Time :2020-07-13

With the economic development of Chna, many foreign companies and individuals are doing business with China. Some disputes may rise, and thereon a lawuist may take place in China. To appoint a lawyer to protect your rights in China may be needed for you to prevail on a case.
Firstly, according to China laws, when you appoint a lawyer to participate a lawsuit or litigation, you should trust a lawyer who's Chinese nationality to represent you on the legal proceedings. Foreign lawyers,attorneys, advocate, or barrister and etc. is not allowed to file or participate a lawsuit in the name of a lawyer in China.
Secondly, you should choose the right lawyer. Even though, theorietically, all the licensed lawyers are allowed to represent you in the lawsuit from legal point, you need to choose a lawyer that is suitable for your case, in regards of expertise, fees and etc.When you find the right one, you need to sign a formal Agreement with the law firm, which would set out your rights and obligations

Thirdly, when you appointed a China lawyer from overseas, usually you should get the POA (power of attorney) nortarized by the Nortary Public and then have it authenticated by the China Embassy loactated in your Country.

Lastly, don't forget to colllect as much proofs as possible. You may need to get it nortarized when sending it to an attorney-at-law to review it, the attorney would pick out what's useful and submit it to the judrisdictional law court or arbitration institution.

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