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Introduction to our law firm's international legal affairs

Author :Jingzhan Wang   Time :2020-03-11

Foregned related legal affairs , also referred to as international legal affairs, means the legal affairs in which one factor or more factors are relating to foreign country. Lawyers are increasingly partcipating the international disputes when globalization is becoming a trend. Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm is dedicated to serve its clients, whether domestic or abroad,with comprehensive knowlege & experience of international laws.

Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm's scope of legal service in foregin-related affairs, includes but not limited to the following:

  • International trade dispute resolution, by mediation, lawsuit/litigation, arbitraiton, due diligence and etc, relating to China.

  • Cross border investment law, such as assisting in incorporation, equity transfer, legal counsel for investment

  • internationl construction project, lawyers to provide legal review for tendering and bidding, contracting and sub-contracting, employment relations and etc.

  • foreign-related criminal defense. As more and more foreigners going into China, crimes in which foreigners are involved are increasing, when they are subject to criminal surveillance, they'll in no doubt need a lawyer to defend for them.

  • intenational intellecutal property legal disputes.  laws about copyright, trademark, patent and commercial and technical secret are becoming more and more important.

  • foreign-related securites law in China

  • merge and acquisition. Lawyer may help in controlling the risks in corporate merge and acquisition.

  • anti-trust law and anti competition law in China

  • other legal issues raised during international deals relating to China

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