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Intentional injury is not guilty: Lawyer Li Changyong undertakes the case of intentional injury, and the first instance is acquitted

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

Defence plan:

The case was undertaken by lawyer Li Changyong. At the trial stage of the court, the lawyers issued comprehensive and in-depth defense opinions on whether the injury behavior was established and whether the injury consequences reached the level of minor injury. The collegial panel judge carefully listened to the above comments. After the court, the lawyer submitted dozens of pages of "defense words", the presiding judge and the clerk called "a "defense word" is a book." After the case was discussed by the CRIC, it was finally acquitted of Z. Z and his family highly recognized the professionalism and professionalism of lawyers.

Referee results:

On June 14, 2016, the People's Court of District B of T City made a first-instance judgment on Z's alleged "intentional injury" case, and found that the public prosecutor's accusation of Z was not enough evidence of intentional assault, the accusation was not established, and the judgment Z was not crime! The case was the second acquittal of Li Changyong's lawyer in 2016; previously, the J District (County) People's Court of Tianjin tried to plead guilty to the case of L suspected of rape.

Lawyer Comments:

In China, the success rate of acquittal defense in criminal cases is only six ten thousandths; it is not easy for Li Changyong to successfully wash the party twice in half a year. The above-mentioned cases can have good results, which is not only the crystallization of the work of lawyers, but also a good demonstration of the moral and justice of the presiding judge.

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