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Brief Introduction to Tianjin Real Estate Law Firm's Construction Real Estate Business

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2018-12-07

The construction real estate business is one of the advantageous businesses of Tianjin Bo Law Firm. It has a construction and real estate case department. It consists of a number of lawsuits and non-litigation lawyers who have long handled building real estate affairs and outstanding performance. The main person in charge of the business department.

The services provided by Bobo in this field mainly include (not limited to the following services):

Litigation, arbitration legal services:

Disputes over the contract for the transfer of construction land use rights; disputes over real estate development and operation contracts;


Commercial housing reservation contract dispute; commercial housing pre-sale contract dispute; commercial housing sales contract dispute;


Disputes over the transfer of affordable housing; disputes over the sale and purchase of rural houses; disputes over compensation for house demolition and resettlement;


Commercial house entrusted agency sales contract dispute; construction land use right contract dispute; construction land use right transfer contract dispute;


Entrusted construction contract disputes; joint venture, cooperative development of real estate contract disputes; project transfer contract disputes; housing sales contract disputes.


Non-litigation legal services:

Construction project claims, project acceptance and delivery;


Construction engineering professional subcontracting and labor subcontracting;


Construction property project project, cooperation legal relationship structure design, cooperation negotiation, project company establishment;

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Project pre-sale and sales, property management, business real estate (hotels, shopping malls, etc.) management;


Transfer and transfer of construction land use rights, project design, supervision, construction bidding, project acquisition and transfer.

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